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Roam Through the World of Seal Cutting with Mei-Shu Yin

Time: March 15~April 14, 2013
Venue: Weaving Craft Museum, Taichung Municipal City Huludun Cultural Center, Third Floor

    Included on the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, seal cutting has developed as an extraordinarily important school of its own in the world of art. Famous seal cutting artist Mei-Shu Yin is excellent at carving experiences in life as well as wonderful memories into the cubes, allowing antique artistry and modern life to fit appropriately together. The “Permanent Bliss for Purely True Self—Seal Cutting Exhibition of Mei-Shu Yin” event was held at the Taichung Municipal City Huludun Cultural Center and included a total of 150 stamps and 30 engravings on display to illustrate this combination of wisdom and delight.

     Jokingly describing herself as one who plays with art, Mei-Shu Yin has wisely presented the diversity of fusion among calligraphy, painting and printing through carving and cutting. With the use of delicate and feminine thinking, the lines, symbols and characters have been perfectly interweaved on the creations through a combination of loose and feeble touches as well as dense and visible ones. These carved characters also reveal the artistic conceptions in her mind; for example, “Clear Mind (清心)” is symbolic of being levelheaded and “Pure Innocence (守我天真)” is being unaffected while wandering between reminiscence and innovation. The artist has studied Chinese calligraphy for a long time, gradually accumulating accomplishments while keeping the love of seal cutting, qualities which can be perceived from such positive words as “Unremitting Efforts for Improvement (自強不息),” “Advance Despite Difficulties (知難而進),” “Unshakable Courage in Danger (處變不驚),” and “Thoroughly Tempered for Perfection (千錘百鍊).”

    The incorporation of multiple elements and skills during creation of the abundant exhibits of the “Permanent Bliss for Purely True Self—Seal Cutting Exhibition of Mei-Shu Yin” have again and again displayed the artist’s childlike innocence. The exhibition was open to the public until April 14 at the Taichung Municipal City Huludun Cultural Center.

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