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Unique Cultural Festival with Exquisite Bottle Gourd Crafts

Time: July 6 to August 25, 2013

    Held at the Taichung City Huludun Cultural Center, the Huludun Cultural Festival features the “Happy Trip to Huludun—Treasure Hunt in Fengyuan” theme. The festival is being held in conjunction with other special events such as cultural visits to local properties, calabash sculpture displays, indigo dyeing exhibitions, Fengyuan pastry lectures, and outdoor theater. At the opening ceremony on the morning of July 14 people enjoyed activities such as the creativity fair and flea market, while music and dance performances were held by the Pei Jia Band and local residents. At four o’clock, guitar music and Okinawan folk songs of the Sunset Concert brought the romantic atmosphere of the summer ocean to everyone.

    On the afternoon of Saturday July 20, the well-known Taiwanese pastry author Zun-Zhen Zhang shared Fengyuan’s century of pastry culture. The public was invited to the outdoor theater at the square later that evening to see the movie “Life of Pi.” The “Sophisticated Cultural Visit” scheduled on July 27 was focused on the history of “Hometown Fenyuan,” as Fengyuan was known as Huludun in the early days, by visiting the historical Taiwanese architecture like old houses, ditches, tombs, and temples. In addition, the students of the Department of Digital Media Design, Hsiuping University of Science and Technology also visited local areas to record the architecture, beliefs, and community industries with images and successfully structured the present looks of Fengyuan.

    receive limited bottle gourd gifts and a chance to win big prizes such as an iPad mini.

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