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“Arts for the Elderly” Activity Series: Persimmon Juice Dyed Handkerchief
Location: Recital Hall, Taichung Municipal City Huludun Cultural Center
Venue: Outdoor square
Date : Oct. 21, 2012
Time: 10:00-12:00

September 9th in lunar calendar marks the Double Ninth Festival, a holiday for the elderly that has a long history and is packed with profound meaning. Cultural Affairs Bureau, Taichung City Government, held the “Arts for the Elderly” activity series to honor the spirits and achievements of the old but still energetic craftsmen in Taichung, while encouraging the retired elderly people to learn about arts and help pass on this craftsmanship.
Along with the Bureau’s Double Ninth Festival activities, this time is also when persimmons ripen, and the holiday is a great moment to savor pastries made of perssimmon, a kind of fruit that is considered auspicious for a life without difficulty. Huludum Cultural Center is holding the “Persomon Juice Dye Handkerchief” DIY activity for the visitors to enjoy the fun of craft making and create a handkerchief that will bring them good luck!
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