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Huludun Wafts Coffee Aroma
Taichung Municipal City Huludun Cultural Center’s coffee study program is popular with the general public. Many people participated twice in order to study the operation of various coffee makers and brewing methods, as well as taste unique coffee varieties around the world to enhance their capability in coffee tasting. The third-phase study program will start on October 6. The content includes correct tasting methods and etiquette, cupping, and the introduction and appreciation of the coffee in Asia, Africa, and South America. The hi-end brewing methods using French press, moka pot, Dutch coffee brewer, Vietnam coffee filter, and filter dripmaker are also included. Huludun Cultural Center welcomes all the coffee lovers to get together for exploring coffee’s appeals at 14:30 on Saturdays from October 6 to December 15. For a reservation, please call 04-25260136 ext. 9 to the service counter of the Cultural Center.
Updated:2020-05-29 16:21