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The 11th Weaving Craft Award Ceremony
Taichung Municipal City Huludun Cultural Center hosted the 11th Weaving Craft Award Ceremony on September 1. The ceremony was graced by the female chiefs of Taichung’s first-level governmental agencies and two female councilors from the Culture and Education Team of Taichung City Council. It was the first time they attempted to hold a fashion show in blue-dye dresses made from recycled material and fashion clothing redesigned out of kimonos. Known for their professional personal image, they demonstrated their rarely seen temperaments of tenderness and grace, perfectly epitomizing the characteristics of the Weaving Craft Museum housed in the Center.
In 1995, Huludun Cultural Center launched the national level “Weaving Craft Awards” to promote the expertise dissemination and exchange of this art, and to achieve the mission of passing on weaving art to the next generation. This is where weaving craft artists throughout Taiwan can showcase their talent. The award-winning works were showcased at the Center from July 7 to September 16. Still, the Center hosts the “Living Design: Fiber‧Fashion‧Eco Craft” exhibition at the Taichung city hall building from this day to October 5, in the hope of developing the eco-friendly weaving crafts to their fullest.
Updated:2020-05-29 16:21