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Lin, Chun-Hong’s Gouache Exhibition : Over the Years
Exhibition dates: June 19 – July 19, 2020
Venue: 2F Gallery II of Taichung City Huludun Cultural Center

Chun-hong was born in a farming village in the suburbs of Fengyuan. The simple and modest life in the countryside molded him into a sincere man dedicated to his work.After graduating from the experimental art class of Feng Yuan Senior High School, he was admitted into the Department of Fine Arts of NTNU. His studies focused on ink painting, furnishing him with a solid foundation for painting.
When he returned to his alma mater to pursue a master's program in 2003, he broadened his creative horizons even further. His graduation works incorporated highly contemporary elements - using tree branches as his theme, the coupling of his saturated ink strokes with the colorful textures of mica made for a unique style. Afterwards, his medium of choice gradually shifted to gouache, depicting an increasing number of hidden metaphors and a critical spirit.
Chun-hong's paintings of trees, flowers, plants, blue skies, and azure seas depict the grace and promises of the Almighty, symbolizing bountiful harvest, peace, love, and worriless serenity. All in all, his works have a strong focus on observations and depictions of countryside sceneries, combining the classical Song dynasty aesthetics of flower and bird paintings that "encompass the beauty of both form and spirit" with Western painting concepts of space, lighting, and color. He is even able to seamlessly incorporate Christian theology into his gouache works in a culmination of his own personal style: a mixture of aesthetic idealism, intricacy, and elegance.
The works for this exhibition consist mainly of his creations from the past two years and feature countryside sceneries, flowers, birds, insects, and grasses. Each of his paintings contains a trace of his own deep countryside roots and his love for nature as well as humanity. Such sentiments are intrinsically linked with his childhood and the environment he grew up in. These entangled emotions also reflect on his works as environmental awareness.
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