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Pleasing Forms : Lin Shan-Ying’s Pottery Solo Exhibition
Exhibition dates: May 29– June 28, 2020
Venue: 3F Gallery Ⅳ、V of Taichung City Huludun Cultural Center

Lin Shan-ying is a part-time ceramics instructor at National Changhua University of Education. Cloaked in rich hues of glaze, her sumptuous works have been designated as classics among Taiwanese contemporary ceramics exemplifying both power and beauty through shape and color.
In 1978, Lin Shan-ying became an official ceramics apprentice of Tsai Jung-yu and began working as an assistant in his studio. Lin held her first solo exhibition at the Today Gallery in 1987. Using "Size Equals Beauty" as her theme, she created nearly a dozen of large wheel-thrown bowls glazed in stark blacks and whites. In 1984, her works were nominated for the first Taiwan Ceramics Awards and went on to win multiple accolades. Her Homeward Gaze was selected for a French exhibition in 1988- the same year she established her personal ceramics studio. She exhibited twice at the Biennial Exhibition of Ceramic Art in Taiwan in 1993 and 1995 while The Definition of Clay was selected for an exhibition in New York featuring sixty artists from Taiwan in 1996.
Lin has traveled all over the world with her husband, visiting places such as Panama, Peru, Turkey and Santa Fe, New Mexico. These experiences helped her break free from her own framework, especially with regards to the traditional craftsmanship of ceramics.Her Maya and Ombre series - among others - feature a great variety of patterns. Continuing with her usage of large forms, she used paper cuttings to glaze patterns of the sun, stars, triangles, circles, straight lines and other geometric shapes only onto variations of rectangular and round shapes.Earth tones of sandy yellows and grassy greens conveyed her admiration toward the mysteries of the universe. Ombre was inspired by cloth-dyeing. Thin base layers of low-fire glazes and outer coats of thick high-fire glazes were separated before being melted together, representing the independent yet intertwined development of human cultures.
In 2000, Lin began creating at Art Stock 20 as a resident artist. This marked the beginning of her ceramic sculpture. Dating from this period, the Pedestrian series featured curly-haired clay dolls wearing melon peel hats whose bodies and accessories were hand-picked. Viewed with a progressive and open mindset, one can quickly peruse through pedestrians portrayed in an assortment of different forms. Her vast creative energy stores seemed to gush like a geyser, taking shape as large, dramatic works of art in no time at all. Lin has held solo exhibitions almost annually at local cultural centers and private galleries. Exhibited works encompass a wide array of forms including containers, landscape design, installation art, and multimedia. Apart from her staple ceramicware, she has also created terracotta, sand pottery, and ironware. Her unique works granted the world of ceramics an additional touch of vitality, earning her a place in the 10th Artist's Relay Exhibition held by Taichung City Huludun Cultural Center in 2020. With her great creativity, she reached new heights in her artistic value.
The 10th Taichung City Artist's Relay Exhibition of 2020 will serve as a summary and retrospective of her past works. Through wheel-pulling techniques, bold glazes and magnified scales, Lin provides her viewers with an in-depth read and explanation regarding the textures of ceramics and glaze layers, leading to a vision far beyond tradition. The magnitude and splendor of Lin's beautiful, revolutionary ceramic artworks have made them into classics, earning her a place among the ranks of Taiwan's finest artists.

Updated:2020-08-28 11:59