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Dialogue between Painting and Poetry: Shao Wen-Feng’s Oil Painting Exhibition
Exhibition dates: April 17– May 17, 2020
Venue: 2F Gallery II of Taichung City Huludun Cultural Center

Wen-Feng's artworks at this Relay Exhibition are derived from her oracle bone script collection. They present an innovative pictorial space inspired by Eastern ink wash paintings, and feature sceneries from the four seasons in dialogue with corresponding poems. Her works show a unique creative force and stand out among other landscape oil paintings. Due to her love of modernist poetry, her paintings are complemented by her own painstakingly-written poems, and provide viewers with another gateway into her inner world.
This collection has a style different from her past work. The paintings present imagined landscapes rather than photographed scenery. For the mountains, trees, and rivers in the paintings, she started by splashing thinned oil paint onto the canvas as a base, and then added elements layer by layer to create the impression of a landscape. The paintings are like symphonic poems, with marked rhythms and embellishments that curl around the heart, pulsing a positive spiritual energy.
The public exhibition of this collection of paintings is an adventure as well as a test. As artworks are exposed to a diverse audience with different ideas, such interactions can give rise to new questions and stimulate critical reflection.
Updated:2020-08-28 11:59