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Measureless-The Beauty of Dajia River: Ink Painting Exhibition by Mao-Cheng Lin
Exhibition dates: March 13– April 12,2020
Venue: 1F Gallery I of Taichung City Huludun Cultural Center

Mao-Cheng Lin was born in Fengyuan, Taichung. Turning 82 years old this year, his artistic career has already spanned over six decades. Lin gained insight into the essence of each medium as well as mastering both Eastern and Western techniques. Ultimately, he decided to work mainly with ink, and endeavors to create art that exemplifies his ideals.
Mao-Cheng Lin paints in a style that is truly unique to him, using simple, classic brushwork and ink with subtle colors, delicately rendering the scenery along the river and creating fresh, elegant, and timeless pieces that praise the beauty of Dajia River. The paintings are like poetry, exuding a timeless and mellow flavor, and sings of the eternal vitality of Dajia River and the land.
Taichung City Huludun Cultural Center extended an invitation to him to hold a solo exhibition in his hometown of Taichung, marking his second time to do so after the 2nd Art Inheritance-Taichung County Artist’s Relay Exhibition. This exhibition is especially significant in that it reflects his feelings of love towards his hometown and the land. He has endowed his pieces with deep cultural connotations and sentiments, and when you look at his paintings, it’s as if you have wandered into a sort of Shangri-La; the clean, masterful lines and the touches of ink lend a deceptive simplicity to his work, under which lies an endless array of meanings.
Updated:2020-08-28 11:59