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Time Flies: See the Endless Beauty, Chiu Ling-Chiung’s Oil Painting Exhibition
Exhibition dates: December 6,2019– January 5,2020
Venue: 2F Gallery II of Taichung City Huludun Cultural Center

Ling-Chiung Chiu is more sensibility than sense . Chiu engages in dialogue with nature, admires beauty, draws inspiration from the framework of life and living, and then expresses herself freely. She captures the surrounding scenery, the faces and figures of passersby, and all manners of the human condition in the crowds that stream along Calligraphy Greenway; the elements of beauty found in places along the morning commute as well as the abundant public art and architecture are translated into art that show her love for the surroundings through her keen artistic language.
The exhibition features three recent series of works: Connection, Beauty of the City, and Beauty of Ancient Cities. It brings together early works, including those that have won awards, and new pieces that were completed this year in 2019. This solo exhibition Remembrance of Things Past-Seeing the Beauty of Infinity tells the story of the natural flow of life, and the sensations she has experienced because of the people, events, and things she encountered in time and space.
A painting is a representation of the soul, and the soul is part of a painting; let us enjoy Ling-Chiung Chiu’s paintings together!
Updated:2020-08-28 11:59