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Brightness Comes From the Orient:2019 Liou, Jer-Jyh Western Painting Exhibition
Exhibition dates: November 1– December 1,2019
Venue: 2F Gallery II of Taichung City Huludun Cultural Center

The idea that light comes from the east (i.e. that the sun rises in the east) needs no explanation. Liou, Jer-Jyh’s works are his responses to every here and now, and they are his trail of strolling between the world and himself. As a forthright person, painting has been an outlet for his emotions and feelings of each stage of life. The philosophy of his paintings is the manifestation of his pursuit of Easternism; the emotions in his paintings embody his characters; his favorite music lays the foundation for the visual rhythm of his paintings.
Liou, Jer-Jyh’s watercolor works amble on the fine edge between portraying outer form and capturing inner spirit. In his watercolor works, he elaborated on the material characteristics of watercolor and combined them with color application methods of Chinese ink wash painting and characteristics of Chinese calligraphy, as well as Baimiao (plain drawing, or outline ink monochromatic drawings) lines and well-controlled lingering charm of aqua.

Compared with his watercolor works with lingering charm of aqua and Baimiao which portrays characteristics of a subject through concise brushstrokes, the subjects in Liou, Jer-Jyh’s oil paintings are the motif of his subjectivity. His oil paintings stroll back and forth between shaped and shapeless, manifesting objectivity and the motif that the artist subjectively perceives.
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