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Originality, Yuan's Creation—Yuan Kuo-Hao's Art Exhibition
Exhibition dates: September 27 – October 27,2019
Venue: 2F Gallery II of Taichung City Huludun Cultural Center

Mr. Yuan Kuo-Hao is from Fengyuan, Taichung. During his childhood, he received attentive guidance from several masters in the art field, including Yeh Huo-Cheng, Zhan Yi-Xiu, and Tseng Wei-Tsi. He participated in several national art competitions, in which he achieved great results, giving him the aspiration to become a painter.
In recent years, Mr. Yuan returned to the familiar concepts he learned from his early industrial design education that taught innovative ideas. He created works instilled with originality. His works are no longer limited to paintings that express through the use of simple media, lines, colors, and shapes. His creations have expanded to include the reasonable spatial positioning and harmonious textural composition of different media, including acrylic, foam, metal foil, and glass, which he applies in composite. Through continuous experiments with these media, he discovers brand-new looks and techniques out of the ordinary, constructing an alternative visual experience.
Mr. Yuan, who has been famous for his oil paintings, has been invited to exhibit his works at the Taichung City Huludun Cultural Center. Unique and deeply instilled with a sense of modernity, Yuan’s works are a testament to the youth and advancement of the educational concepts of Ming Chi University of Technology’s Industrial Design Department fifty years ago. And to Mr. Yuan, these works represent a significant life decision as well as a turning point. Yuan's creations not only insistently maintain originality, but also physically manifest the fusion of the artist's emotions and the rationality in industrial design. The exhibition, showcasing works that have accumulated over the years, will certainly be dazzling and impressive.
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