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Waltz of Dots and Lines:Chang Kun-Meng Calligraphy Solo Exhibition
Exhibition dates: August 23 - September 22,2019
Venue: 2F Gallery II of Taichung City Huludun Cultural Center

“Let classical calligraphy look modern, and let modern calligraphy look classical.” Such is the philosophy of Mr. Chan Kun-Meng’s solo exhibition. Waltz of Dots and Lines represents a new look since his 2005 Dancer Within the Boundary. As he points out, “through the spatial arrangement in calligraphic composition, I make the otherwise static dots and lines in traditional calligraphy dance on the paper.”
The artist ingeniously manipulates the dots, planes, lines, thickness, curve and straight lines, dark strokes and blank space, stillness and movement that swell along with the music. “Music is the soul of dance,” said Chan Kun-Meng. By “making dots and lines dance,” his paintings are imbued with musicality. The supreme “words do not exhaust the meaning” or “expression without words” technique in art is “through artwork, the artist communicates and brings resonance of thoughts and feelings with the viewer.”.
The author of Waltz of Dots and Lines seeks to “shape interesting forms” through ever more interesting approaches. Chan’s commitment to polishing and perfecting his calligraphy certainly promises more brilliant artistic breakthroughs.
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