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Here. Northern Shaanxi: Chang Ming-Chi Watercolor Thematic Exhibition
Exhibition dates: July 19 - August 18,2019
Venue: 2F Gallery II of Taichung City Huludun Cultural Center

Chang Ming-chi is someone special in Taiwan’s art world..At the age of 50, he decided to follow his own interests, and began a painting career. He learned how to paint at the continuing education department of an art museum during the weekends, once studying under the watercolor painters Professor Liou Wun-san and Professor Hsieh Ming-chang.
He gradually gained confidence in painting by winning the 2nd Place Award in the watercolors department of the 50th Central Art Exhibition, and then the 1st Place Award in watercolors in the 57th Taiwan Provincial Fine Arts Exhibition and the Judges' Award in watercolors in the 58th of the same exhibition.
The theme of his exhibition, the Northern Shaanxi series, came about through an invitation from the Chinese painter Professor Li Zhi-qiang. He traveled with fellow painters from central Taiwan, and they observed and experienced the desert, cave dwellings, homes, historical houses, cowsheds, flocks of sheep, and many of the local customs in great depth, and sketched on the spot, supplemented by photography, about sixty works based on what they saw on their extensive tour of Northern Shaanxi. Among them, there are many large watercolor works on standard-sized sheets as well as huge double-standard-sized paintings, which could be considered as rare masterpieces since watercolor paintings of these proportions are seldom seen in Taiwan. They are deeply moving, and worthy of people's careful appreciation.
The exhibition at the Taichung City Huludun Cultural Center will showcase about 50 works from his trip to Northern Shaanxi, and it is something exciting and worthy of anticipation and the art world's applause.

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