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The Sun and the Moon is Bright: Tsi Shih-Mei 2019 Solo Exhibition
Exhibition dates: June 14 - July 14,2019
Venue: 2F Gallery II of Taichung City Huludun Cultural Center

Ms.Tsai’s paintings can be described using the following statements: Firstly, “the radiance of the sun and moon shines upon all as far as light can reach.” The merging of light and shadow paints a picture of the beauty in nature. “The largest shape is that which has no form”: the lingering brilliance of Not a Landscape (2019) is akin to a sound suspended in the air, the colors in phenomenal objects, or perhaps the moon’s reflection in the water...such is the beauty and philosophy behind As Far as Light Can Reach.
Having devoted almost half a century to her craft, she knows all too well how to capture the spirit of the landscapes she paints. The artist’s emotions are depicted through art in a peaceful state of nirvana. In a poem written by Ms. Tsai herself, she says, “I measure water/Not in a scoops/But the downpour in its entirety,” in which she loses herself in nature until everything she sees both is and is not a landscape. “Even in rainy nights/The moon still hangs in the sky....” Indeed, even as the sun rises and falls and the moon waxes and wanes, the cycle of life never ends. The brilliance of the sun and moon will always be there, shining as far as light can reach to shed light and transform all it touches.
Ms. Tsai’s The Radiance of the Sun and Moon is the epitome of "knowing expression through feeling, evoking emotion through seeing, and learning of true natures through experience”; the deep roots in Chinese poetry give her clever modern depictions of landscapes in ink wash an ethereal quality and an awareness of the revealing of life.
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