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Thoughts of Refinement-Lin Jui-Hwa Triple-Ridge Pot Series Solo Exhibition
Exhibition dates: Feb.28-March 31,2019
Venue: 3F Gallery V of Taichung City Huludun Cultural Center

Lin Jui-Hwa focused his studies in hand thrown ceramics and pinch pots. Using his expertise in snake kiln firing, he developed a new line of wood-fired pottery that would go on to amaze Japan - the so-called “kiln sweat” wood ash glaze. His life goal is to promote the image of “Taiwan, the Precious Island of the Mother Glaze” to the world and pave the way to a bright future for Taiwanese ceramic art.In 2016, Lin Jui-Hwa set a Guinness World Record for the highest temperature in a wood-fired kiln with his work “Taiwan, the Precious Island”, achieving 1563°C. This marked a new milestone in wood-firing for Taiwan.
In 1997, he created the “Triple-Ridged Pot” series to start a conversation between ceramics and fire. As he put it, each of the three ridges and faces of the “Triple-Ridged Pot” manifest the power and beauty that ceramics acquire from the trials they endure in the flames of the wood-fired kiln. Through rigorously creating and continuous self-reflection, Lin Jui-Hwa came to understand the fundamental principles behind balance and harmony in nature, and sought to internalize these values into his own work.This came to be his unique artistic signature.
It is true that Lin Jui-Hwa’s “Triple-Ridged Pot” series does not care for perfect shapes, as he wishes to surpass the practicality and secularization of handicrafts while taking care to avoid the trap of oriental stereotypes and faux originality. Though consciously shaping the works, he imbues them with an even greater spirit of rawness. Lin Jui-Hwa’s “Triple-Ridged Pots” have certainly achieved an accessible beauty that goes off the beaten path; indeed, the refinement of the flames is a beauty within itself.
By the invitation of Taichung Cultural Affairs Bureau, Lin will be exhibiting at the “Taichung Artist’s Relay Exhibition” at Taichung City Huludun Cultural Center beginning February 28, 2019.
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