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Dreams of Bamboo Come True:Wu Ming-Chang's Bamboo Art Exhibition
Dates:November 30,2018 to January 8,2019
Venue: 2F Gallery II of Taichung City Huludun Cultural Center

Ming-Chang Wu has an educational background in mechanical engineering and a professional background in advertising engineering, but due to his own personal preferences many years back, he has dedicated himself to learning about the bamboo as a material which had in turn induced the creative capabilities that are unique to him. He uses bamboo as the creative medium, in addition to the techniques required for basic crafting, he has also applied the idealized thinking from his mechanical engineering and knowledge from the advertising profession to the field of bamboo creation. So on the traditional bamboo craft pieces, one can still see traces of exquisite traditional craftsmanship, but when it comes to the bamboo works created in recent years, they have departed completely from people’s understanding of bamboo handicrafts. For his works, he carefully selects seasonal old bamboo stumps and rhizomes, or the inner membranes that he has processed himself to create refined tea sets that are familiar to the public and imbued with elements of the tea ceremony culture. Such works have won him major awards from around Taiwan in recent years, including the Da Dun Prize, Yushan Award, National Craft Achievement Award, and Nanying Award, serving as recognition to his hard-earned creative accomplishments over the years.

Ming-Chang Wu might not have a formal background in art, but he has the soul and temperament of an artist. His extraordinary talents and outstanding works have been highly praised, appreciating his works can help the viewer to feel calm, to stabilize emotions, and enhance spirituality. One can achieve the state of the ethereal and Zen through the use and appreciation of the tea sets and enter a world of beauty from the use of the lamps and chairs. His artistic ideas and refined skills can pioneer the new era of new art, his achievements are extremely valuable. The exceptional bamboo carving skills of Ming-Chang Wu are unfathomable and as high-reaching as the bamboo, his wide-ranging ideas and rich artistic emotions are as vast as the sky.

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