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Intangible Connections between Brush and Ink: Hsu Wen-Te's Ink Painting Exhibition
Dates : October 26 to November 25 ,2018
Venue: 2F Gallery II, Taichung City Huludun Cultural Center

“Art Inheritance - Taichung Artist's Relay Exhibition” will be held at Huludun Cultural Center of the Cultural Affairs Bureau, Taichung City Government in accordance with the mission and traditions that Taichung County Cultural Center (predecessor of Taichung City Huludun Cultural Center) had upheld following its establishment in 1988. In continuation of the 22 annual exhibition previously held, and in honor of the quintessential spirit of the Taichung County Artist's Relay Exhibition, we have since 2011 expanded the scope and scale of the event which has for 30 years enabled artists of the greater Taichung region to shine under well-deserved spotlight.
The 222nd leg artist is ink painter Wen-Te Hsu. Hsu often finds inspiration from rain, the deep and obscure, the cold, and from stillness and movement. Through his compositions, he seeks to strike a lasting impression through a dynamic sense of fluidity and structured layers by layering, heating, and painting in washes of varying densities. Combined with perspective and theories of light and shadow from western methodologies, he is able to stay true to his vision, ideas, and perceptions. “Intangible Connections between Brush and Ink” uses the beauty of lines combined with the contrast between blank spaces and ink to bring forth a fresh, ethereal interpretation of Eastern aesthetics.

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