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Stubborn Stone ─ Ruan Chiou-Yuan's Sculpture Exhibition
Dates : August 10 to September 9 ,2018
Venue: 2nd Floor Gallery II, Taichung City Huludun Cultural Center

Master Ruan is a straightforward, unassuming person who also radiates a kind of untrammeled focus and warmth. As in his artworks, an apparent simplicity masks hidden depths; there is nothing flashy about Master Ruan, but instead there is strong sense of presence, and an authenticity that is very appealing.Master Ruan is one of the very few artists who are actually good listeners. At whatever time, and whatever he is doing, he de-emphasizes his own self and positions it where it is least in the way, so that he can truly see the feelings and needs of other living beings.
Master Ruan excels at carving cats, and cats are his most common subject matter. Cats represent Master Ruan's "inner eye" - that calm observation that is able to capture every aspect of life in each instant of time. His work embodies a harmonious integration of art and humanistic concern for life. In Master Ruan's hands, stone - this hard, coarse material - becomes a "wooden fish" (a wooden percussion instrument used in Buddhist ceremonies); the process of artistic creation is his own form of spiritual cultivation. Only someone who possesses an acute "inner eye" can know how to leverage life and soul in the carving of something that embodies a powerful sense of lived emotion and which strikes a chord with the viewer.
When Michelangelo saw a block of stone, he could immediately visualize the finished sculpture within the stone, and he knew how to bring out the sculpture while retaining the natural purity of the stone. A first-rate artist needs precisely this kind of penetrating vision. Knowing which parts of the rough stone to remove and which to retain in order to complete the finished sculpture requires a high level of mental control and stability; this is an area where there is a close connection between the spirit of yoga and the spirit of artistic creation. Master Ruan has been immersing himself in the ancient wisdom of yoga. His recent works display a maturity of sentiment and technique that takes his art to a whole new level of excellence.
When the cat-like "knower" that exists within him comes into contact with the "supreme knower" that is the source of all wisdom, his art reaches new heights of sublimity, and his creative passion is redoubled, sparking off a "revolution" in his life as an artist and establishing another milestone in his artistic career that we will all be eager to witness.
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