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Tsai Cheng-I’s Playful Form and Color
Date: May 25 to July1, 2018
Venue: 2F Gallery II, Taichung City Huludun Cultural Center

Tsai Cheng-I was born in 1954 in QingShui District, Taichung City, into a family that had a rich tradition of literary and academic achievement. Growing up in a house full of books, paintings and poetry, it is no surprise that he developed an artistic inclination and eventually decided to make art his career.

After graduating from QingShui Senior High School in 1971, Tsai Cheng-I left home to study in the Department of Fine Arts at National Taiwan Normal University. After graduating, he taught for many years at NanQiang Senior Vocational High School in Taipei City and at Mingchuan University. Eventually, his passion for art led him to resign from his teaching position and become a full-time artist; he has continued to focus on artistic creation ever since. Tsai Cheng-I has won numerous awards. As a young man, he joined the long-established Tai-Yang Art Society. Tsai Cheng-I has been working actively to promote international artistic exchange, and has participated in art fairs all over the world.

Tsai Cheng-I 's own artistic career has been multifaceted, but at every stage - whether in his early period in which he did figurative painting (with seven solo exhibitions during this period), the later period in which he developed a expressionist style (eight solo exhibitions), or his current focus on abstract (nine solo exhibitions) - he has consistently displayed a high level of skill in the expression of emotion. In the creation of Tsai Cheng-I 's abstract works, the birth of the artwork is like the conception of a living being, with the work taking shape slowly and gradually. The whole process is like a game or a dream. The work displays abstract forms, but there is a consistent referential relationship between the dreamlike vision and reality in which they seem constantly to be both drawing closer and moving apart from one another. The conscious use of symbols in the paintings is merely the imposition of new order following the process of deconstruction; supplemented by romantic use of color that is unique to the artist, it creates a distinctive abstract style which has won high praise in art circles.

In this "Playful Form & Color" exhibition, Tsai Cheng-I presents a selection of the abstract works on which he has been working recently; most of these paintings were created during the period 2012 - 2018. Of the 120 works included in the collection, he has selected 40 paintings for exhibition at the Taichung City Huludun Cultural Center. Art lovers are sure to enjoy journeying through Tsai Cheng-I's world of form and color.

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