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Chen Hai-Yuan’s Ink Painting Exhibition
Date:April 20 to May 20,2018
Location: 2nd Floor Gallery II,Taichung City Huludun Cultural Center

Chen Hai-yuan, one of the exhibitors at Art Inheritance - Taichung Artist's Relay Exhibition, is an arts professional who deeply understands the spirit of “looking outward to the teachings of nature and within to the voices of the heart” of old.
Mr. Chen’s works are surreal in that they cut straight into the heart of society in a grand display that clearly depicts the pressing issues of Taiwan in recent years. He truly cares for society and loves Taiwan. These works have been submitted to art competitions held in various counties and cities with consecutive years of awards to match.
On a side note, Mr. Chen’s landscape paintings are the result of Mr. Chen’s travels throughout Taiwan over the past few years. Looking at more than 40 pieces of ink paintings is like taking a trip around our island, where you can witness all the natural beauties of Formosa. Indeed, Mr. Chen’s attention to detail and subtle elegance is the result of taking the teachings of nature to heart. His artistic style warms the heart in a way that allows viewers of his paintings to immerse themselves within his illustrations and the fervent love he harbors for his country.

Each and every one of these paintings is the culmination of the painstaking efforts of Mr. Chen Hai-yuan. As such, We have no qualms about the inevitable success of this exhibition.

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