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Ping-Ting Chen Ceramic art Exhibition
Exhibition date: September 22-October 22, 2017
Exhibition venue: Huludun Cultural Center 2F Gallery

Artist Ping-ting Chen has different self-expectations during various stages of his life. From a bricklayer to a skilled ceramic artist, his transformations are incredible, staggering and awe-inspiring.

Although born in a poor family in rural Longjing District, Taichung City, Chen persevered and persisted in his artistic creations in the pursuit of aesthetic perfection. Inspired by life and love for nature, each painstaking creation is considered his masterpiece and embodies the profound spirit of naturalism. Chen utilizes the hand pinching technique to sculpt the shape of his creations and continue the heritage of the traditional craft; although his work “Origin” is absent of any intricate, fancy designs, but the transitions in the more elaborate, challenging details present the minimalistic, majestic demeanor of the overall creation.

The subtle intricacies hidden within the rugged appearance covey a cultured, open-minded mentality that is pragmatic, elegant and not confined by any form or shape. Chen is a homegrown, down to earth artist who aims to introduce the public into the world of pinch ceramic art through the exhibition at Huludun Cultural Center!
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