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2017 Shui-Ho Wang Exhibition of Sculpture & Oil Painting
ART/ Fengyuan-Artist Invitational Exhibition
2017 Shui-Ho Wang Exhibition of Sculpture & Oil Painting
Exhibition Times: July 14- August 13, 2017, Tues.-Sun. 9:00-17:30, closed Mon.
Exhibition Location: Taichung City Huludun Cultural Center, 2nd Floor Gallery
Opening Ceremony: July 15 (Sat.) 2:30 p.m.

93 year old Shui-ho Wang was born in Taichung. He showed artistic talent starting from a young age. At the age of 11, his portfolio received secondary honors in the 6th Japanese Morinaga Art Compilation. He dropped out of school due to family financial problems, but due to his talent, vast experience, love of knowledge, and work ethic, he was able to succeed without a teacher. He not only became a leader in advertising design, but his achievements in sculpture and oil painting are also significant, earning him No-Inspection from the Provincial Exhibition Sculpture Department, and is the only sculpture artist to win 6 first prizes in the Taiwan Provincial Fine Arts Exhibition. Mr. Shuiho Wang used his talent, work ethic, and vast experience to research innovation, leading to his great achievements in design, sculpture, advertising, architecture, and oil painting. That which impressed the art world the most about him is not just his strength and dedication in the face of life’s difficulties, but also his strict attitude towards the creative process and love for his family, all of which can be felt in his work. Additionally, Mr. Wang has been widely praised on his generous nature. When not working, he often helps those in need, and demonstrates impressive spirit in his later years. We are honored to display Mr. Wang’s work. In addition to letting Taichung City residents personally experience Mr. Wang’s artistic achievements, he also is a model for society to follow.
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