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Ling Lin’s Iron Carving Creations Exhibition
Exhibition date: June 9-July 9, 2017
Exhibition venue: Huludun Cultural Center (2F gallery)

Ling Lin is closely associated with iron in his entire life. During his career in the army, he was mainly in charge of the armory, after he was discharged from military service and devoted himself to art, he was mesmerized by iron as a creative medium and became emotionally attached to it. Iron became an interface with which the artist expresses his inner state of mind.
Lin uses cold, hard iron as the medium to convey his warmest feelings, and his absolute commitment and dedication during the creative process is the ultimate embodiment of “becoming one with the artwork”.

After more than 8 decades of experience and training in life, Lin has garnered creative spirit that is as resolute and tough as iron, and his inspirations often come from small, trivial things or matters. For instance, his work “Light of Enlightenment” expresses the concept that although a single lamp is feeble, the light of dozens, hundreds or thousands of lamps is bright enough to illuminate any dark corner, thus their combined strength cannot be overlooked.

Lin is well aware that the characteristics of ethnic culture and the genial, friendly ambiance in society are the very foundation on which the significance of the artworks is based. In creating tangible and abstract iron sculptures that can be appreciated by the East and the West, Lin is able to let the viewers understand their exquisite, elegant qualities as well as profound meanings. This has culminated in Ling Lin’s unique creative flair, and the “Becoming One with My Artwork – Ling Lin Iron Sculpture Exhibition” held at Huludun Cultural Center serves to demonstrate Lin’s spirit of pushing his own boundaries. Everyone is welcome to come admire the masterpieces!
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