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Encountering the Artist through Art: Meeting the Original Aspiration
Exhibition Dates: March 31 - April 30, 2017
Exhibition venue: Second Floor Gallery
Chang Ying-Pin, who has been painting for over 30 years, holds undoubted persistence and passion for art. Chang has held solo exhibitions at the Cultural Affairs Bureau of Taichung City Government (2006, 2009, 2012), the Cultural Affairs Bureau of Nantou County (2008) and the Fun Year Art Gallery (2016), and taken part in various joint exhibitions, such as Nantou County Art Association, Qingxi New Arts Association, Jiujiu Art Association, Dianjiang Painting Association and Central Art Exhibition. In addition, Chang has been recognized with various art awards, including the first prize of Nantou Yushan Art Exhibition (2008), second place of Dadun Art Exhibition (2009), second place of National Civil Servant and Teacher Art Exhibition (2012), third place of Yunlin County Cultural Awards (2009) and third place of Central Art Exhibition (2007).
The title of the exhibition, "Encountering the Artist through Art: Meeting the Original Aspiration," expresses the wish that viewers appreciate the art as if meeting the artist, just as real and cordial as if meeting the real person. At the same time, it also suggests that the artist has never forgotten his original aspiration in painting. The course of artistic creation does not end with the completion of the artwork. Instead, it is a long and continuous road; the accumulations along it are the traces to the origins of the memories of life.
These paintings take down those passing moments in life as the seasons change, from plowing in spring and weeding in summer, to harvesting in autumn and storing in winter. Both pen and ink flow with the seasons, and the heart seems to have traveled through it all. The strokes move freely with the heart, splattering unbridled patches of color throughout. However, one can't help but look to the earliest, the purest and the quietest reunion: the original aspiration that stays unchanged, that most touching encounter. The artist looks forward to your attendance, comments and suggestions!
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