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Liao Ta-Sheng’s Gorgeous Colors, Elegant Moods Gouache Painting Exhibition
Dates: December 16, 2016-January 15, 2017
Exhibition venue: Second Floor Gallery

Liao Ta-Sheng has demonstrated his boundless passion for art since a very young age. Studying in National Taichung University of Education, Liao was fortunate to meet two notable art teachers, Lu Fo-Ting, who taught him Chinese painting, and Lin Chih-Chu, who guided him to the world of gouache painting. There has been an indissoluble bond between him and gouache ever since. Liao has held over ten solo exhibitions since his first exhibition at the Fourth Taichung County Artist’s Relay Exhibition at Taichung County Cultural Center (now Taichung City Huludun Cultural Center) in 1992. He was even awarded Taichung County Artist Contribution Award and Outstanding Senior Artists of Taichung in recognition of his persistence in artistic creation.

Mr. Liao has prepared for this year's invitation exhibition, "Gorgeous Colors, Elegant Moods", with his recent creations. Centering on flowers, birds and landscapes, Liao blended his feelings into the landscape paintings, forming virtual dialogues between figurative scenes and abstract objects by de-constructing and re-constructing various images. Apart from depicting the simple changes of images, he also develops a fluctuating meditative space as well as a variety of fascinating painting vocabularies. Although gouache paint is artistic creation that focuses on sketching, to Liao, the creation itself involves enhancement of creative thoughts, with which he blends modern aesthetics to re-interpret traditional fine brush work and develop a whole new realm of gouache art.
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