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Hsueh-E Liu 's Nebulous Transience Eastern Gouache Exhibition
Dates: Nov.11-Dec.11, 2016
Exhibition venue: Second Floor Gallery

Hsueh-E Liu's landscape paintings combine the mineral colors of gouache, the charismatic colors of water ink pigment, and the delightful rhythms of ink painting, to display her love for travel and the visual touching of being close to nature. The sources of her style come from Chinese landscape paintings, Taiwanese gouache paintings, and the modern Japanese paintings, especially the hazy style of Yokoyama Taikan and Hishida Shuns. The romantic style of British landscape artist J. M. W. Turner has also had some influence on her. These Eastern and Western elements are merely nourishment for Hsueh-E Liu’s creativity, she puts her own thoughts and feelings into her paintings, and forms her own artistic language.
As a female artist, Hsueh-E Liu 's paintings convey a soft, dreamlike atmosphere, and the characteristics of silk scrolls, she also employs techniques on papers such as using thick layers of paint or wrinkling the paper, to display masculine textures in mountains and boulders. Her grand landscape paintings reveal the vast rhythmic, poetic meaning, and yet a serene atmosphere. The small scenes centered around mountains and boulders, in her paintings show a waterfall winding between thick mountain walls, that’s a clever combination of hard and soft. Her techniques and composition are ever-changing, coupled with flowing clouds and mist, to make the scenes in her paintings even more interesting and beautiful.
In this "Nebulous Transience" exhibition, there are a few floral paintings besides landscapes. There are also some earlier works with different themes, reflecting the creator's multiple interests, and her attempt to find a new style within traditional themes, showing the gouache paintings with rich local characteristics.
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