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Call for Entries: 24th National Children’s Associative Drawing Competition
The annual Children’s Associative Drawing Competition is celebrating its 24th session this year. 600,000 sheets of drawing papers with the associative graph topic printed have been mailed out one after another. The associative graph topic of the preliminary round this year is “water drop”, implicating the meaning of drinking water while thinking of its source. Paintings of the preliminary round should be posted or sent before the deadline of November 7, 2016. The final round will be held on Sunday, December 11, 2016. The organizer is inviting elementary schoolchildren all over the country to submit their entries.

The National Children’s Associative Drawing Competition is an annual event held by Taichung City Huludun Cultural Center. It originated from a local children’s drawing contest, and gradually, expanded its scale to the regional, even the nationwide children’s drawing competition. Each year phone calls from children’s guardians stream into the cultural center, inquiring about the contest. Obviously, the schoolchildren pay much attention to this competition throughout the country.

According to Huludun Cultural Center, the drawing papers have been mailed to the elementary schools over Taichung City, Miaoli County, Nantou County, Changhua County, Yunlin County, as well as the remote countryside and the outlaying islands. Moreover, applicants can also visit regional cultural affairs bureaus or cultural centers for drawing paper sheets .

In addition to paper drawing, the digital drawing contest for the fifth and sixth year students , which was added to the competition in 2012, still carries on this year. It provides a platform for the E-Generation schoolchildren to participate in the competition. For more information please visit the website at
Huludun Cultural Center indicates that entries for the preliminary round should be received before November 7, 2016. 70 finalists will be selected from each of the six grades, which will be 420 selected entries in total. The final round will take place on December 11. The cultural center welcomes the whole country to challenge together.

The National Children’s Associative Drawing Competition has been held since 1993 and will celebrate the 24th birthday this year. Huludun Cultural Center emphasizes its special appreciation to the sponsors for supporting this activity over the past twenty-four years .Thanks to Yuen Foong Yu Inc. for donating and printing out 600,000 drawing papers every year. Thanks to Quanta Culture & Education Foundation for providing guidance in the aspects of education and propaganda. And last but not the least , thanks to City Broadcasting Network, COTA bank (Limited Liability of the Taichung Credit Cooperative), Oyalin Furniture, T.K Food and Winda Kichen for the participation this year. Through this event, a substantial interactive relationship among private enterprises, governmental agencies and schools is established , and the arts education of children will continue to progress.
Updated:2020-05-29 16:21