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Pastoral Sentiments: Wen-Chao Tu’s Ink Painting Exhibition
Dates: Oct.7-Nov.16, 2016
Exhibition venue: Second Floor Gallery

The 208th baton-holder of Taichung Artist's Relay Exhibition is the poet and ink painter Wen-Chao Tu. His paintings are reminiscent of romantic literature. Delicate and full of sentiments, the lines spread languidly on the paper. “Pastoral Sentiments” records the local story from a story teller’s viewpoint, combining both the realistic and the imaginary. All in all, it expresses compassion and sentimentality, and brings out all of one’s profound emotions.

Through his paintings, Tu shows his care for the land and presents specific depictions of pastoral landscape. Tu’s artistic conception is conveyed through his clear distinction between dynamic and static movements. His delicate strokes call on our deep nostalgia towards our hometown and gradually recall our fading memories. His meticulous composition as well as precise layout and focus seem to be telling historical tales from ancient times. The canvas is saturated with pastoral charm as if a warm and gentle breeze were passing through our hearts, evoking the reminiscence of old-time stories.
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