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Shun-Hsiao Lin's The Aesthetic of Qi-Transformed Western Painting Exhibition

Time: September 2 to October 2, 2016
Exhibition venue: 2nd Floor gallery

Legacy of Art Blossoms at Every Exhibition

Taichung City Huludun Cultural Center, formerly known as Taichung County Cultural Center, organized Taiwan’s first artists’ collective exhibition “Art Inheritance: Taichung County Artist’s Relay Exhibition” in 1988 and it has been a successful exhibition since then. Since the municipal merger of Taichung city and Taichung county in 2011, the exhibition has expanded to larger scale of the event “Art Inheritance: Taichung City Artist's Relay Exhibition”, which has provided Taichung artists a platform to demonstrate their artwork.

The Time-Lapse in Colors

The 207th baton-holder is the western painter Shun-Hsiao Lin. After years of practice, his style has changed from realism to abstraction and thick acrylic paints has dissipated into air and light. He uses lines freely to construct a vast world. With the techniques of Automatism, his pigment evaporate into the air to color his idea of heaven. “Aurora Images” will lead the audience into a dazzling and dreamy world of colors.


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