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A Monologue between Changing and Unchanging: Solo Exhibition of Works by Lin Shih-Pin

From December 25, 2015 to January 17, 2016
Fourth Floor Gallery

 Lin Shih-Pin received his PhD degree in Fine Arts from National Taiwan Normal University. He has organized a total of 16 solo exhibitions and over one hundred joint exhibitions, as well as published multiple articles. He has also served as a lecturer for Taichung City calligraphy learning, and on the panel of judges for students’ art exhibition in Nantou County.

 This exhibition showcases the works of the artist in recent years. The works displayed in one part continue in the direction of creation since his doctorate program; the other part is related to his reflections on art creation following his graduation in 2014.  The pieces resemble philosophical speculations, or a self-reflecting monologue of paintings. If the unchanging part consists of learning and inheriting from the traditional, then the changing part signifies the exploration and development of innovation. For the artist, the “change” refers to changes in the outer world; the “unchanged” section is the original beliefs regarding creativity. Through this exhibition, the artist seeks the opinions of experts, hoping to provide reference for future creation.

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