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2015 “23rd National Children’s Free Associative Painting Contest” Now Open for Submission

Targeted Participants
Painting Category: First – sixth grade elementary school students nationwide
Digital Painting Category: Fifth – sixth grade elementary school students nationwide

Taichung Municipal City Huludun Cultural Center
Taichung City Cultural Development Foundation

 Human beings are naturally equipped with the instinct of expressing their emotions. There lies a dreamland of purity within the inner self of every individual. The thoughts within the inner soul evolve into the primitive drive for the creation of different kinds of arts. This is also the self-expression in the origins of the arts. Within the naïve paintings of children, we often observe the true essence of happiness and purity. Through simple patterns and lines, the dreamland hidden within the hearts and minds of children manifests itself, painting a secret garden belonging to children.
Unlike the stereotypical approach of painting selected themes, “Children’s Free Associative Painting” seeks to stimulate the endless creativity within the minds of children, helping kids to think outside the box. “Creative thinking” is a concept that has grown in popularity in recent years. The nurturing of creative thinking has to start at a young age. Emphasizing this belief, the contest is entering its 23rd year this year. From a small local competition, the event has expanded to become a national art contest. Each year, it attracts hundreds of thousands of participants, as well as numerous enthusiastic companies and enterprises as sponsors, ensuring the continuation of the contest. The 2015 National Children’s Free Associative Painting Contest will be coming soon, and we hope to see the blossoming of young talents in children’s art.
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