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International Exchange on Dyeing and Weaving: Showcase of Works by Master Craftsmen from Various Nations

Date: October 22, 2015 - December 17, 2015
Venue: First Floor Cultural and Creative Exchange Area, Taichung Municipal City Huludun Cultural Center

 Huludun Cultural Center held the "2015 Taipei International Natural Dyeing and Weaving Exchange Activity" today. Craftsmen and experts in the fields of knitting, dyeing, weaving and embroidery from China, Korea, Germany and Russia will be attending the event. The venue will showcase traditional costumes of the Atayal People, innovative clothing, Chinese/Taiwanese/Korean natural dye clothes, Chinese Yujin, gauffre velvet, Quejinxiu, Gongyu Dress, and traditional attire from Siberia (in Russia). A display in the form of a fashion show will take place at 7 PM, allowing visitors to witness the craft of dyeing and weaving from different countries.

 China's Yunjin master craftsman Jin Wen introduces traditional cotton and silk brocade fabric "Yunjin," which in ancient times was offered as imperial tributes for creating royalty attire with beautiful design and elegant patterns and decorations. "Quejinxiu" is a symbol and mark of the high level of ancient China's civilization development, being the peak and epitome of imperial embroidery. Gauffre velvet comes in two types: silk-knitted fabric and silk-cotton interlacing. The exhibition will showcase the works of advanced velvet knitting craftsman and artist Yin Zhicong.

 According to Chinese Quejinxiu family successor Wang Limin, Quejinxiu is crafted by hand using materials such as precious peacock plume threads and golden thread silk, and employing various embroidery skills such as weaving, drawing, sculpting, and cut-gold (ke-jin).

 The traditional patterns on the sashes of costumes from 11 ethnic groups of Siberia consist of natural motifs spanning flowers, grass, trees and other plants. The vivid and rich embroidery and totem design carries the meaning of warding off evil spirits. The exhibition on local crafts spotlights subjects such as traditional and modern Taiwan Atayal apparel designed by Melihang Workshop and natural-dyed tailor-made clothing from the collaboration between Taiwan's Tennii Studio and China's Gongyu Dress. The "2015 Taipei International Natural Dyeing and Weaving Exchange Activity" will be held from today until December 17th. The public is invited to come and appreciate the fine crafts of dyeing and weaving bearing the unique characteristics of different ethnic groups and cultures across the world.

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