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2013 Augus Concert
Time: 19:30, Nov. 30, 2013
This year marks Augus Music’s 13th year since its founding in the Fengyuan area.
Augus Concert has been taking efforts to present a timeless mix of classical and pop
music that always sparks an abundance of interactions between audience and the stage. The music to be performed this time includes the pieces featured in the “Les
Misérables,” a winner of various Oscar awards; the theme song of MacGyver TV
series that is familiar to those born in the 60s; and the time-defying Beethoven
Symphony No.5, a piece Augus uses to encourage itself in the face of deficient resources for its development.
In addition, there are the liked-by-all Angry Birds, Chinese pop music diva Faye
Wang’s “I Am Willing” and “Explosive” by the classical crossover music band
BOND. Every piece is full of vibrancy and pleasing to the ear!
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