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Song Song Song Children’s Puppet Theatre: Time Thieves --“Tribute to Masters” Series
Time: 14:30/19:30 Saturday November 2, 2013
Place: Concert Hall
Ticket Price: NTD 300/500/700/900

What is time? Can it be seen? Can it be touched? Without time, what would the world look like?
A group of grey people appear in the city where the little girl Momo lives. They are time thieves who steal time from people. Momo starts to notice that old friends no longer come to the open-air theater to have a chat with her and that those time heists are to blame. Momo’s old friends try hard to save time, saying “I am very busy and have no time” and living an anxious life. Seeing that the entire city is going to be shrouded in cold and grey, what should Momo do to save her friends? With the help of a messenger from the Kingdom of Time, Mr. Turtle, can Momo reawaken people’s belief in time and bring back what life was like in the past?
Updated:2020-05-29 16:21