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Painting as Reflection: Ruan Li-Ying Oil Painting World—“Passing the Torch--the 3rd Taichung City Artists Relay Exhibits”
Time: September 27 to October 27, 2013
Place: 2nd Floor gallery

For oil painting artist Ruan Li-Ying, life itself is an infinite source of inspiration if you see it, hear it, and feel it with your heart. Moments that touch the heart can be accessed from one’s memories, sifted through life experiences, and represented in a modern creative language. The pulse of art throbs with that of time and space and with it the simplest yet most genuine pleasure in life is found.
Growing up in the countryside with views of prosperous harvests of rice and air filled with the fragrance of flowers, Ruan Li-Ying has enjoyed painting with a random twig she found and expressed what she saw and thought in the paintings she created on the farmland after harvests. The experience of living with nature and being touched by gentle breezes or sprinkled by drizzles of rain moved the heart of Ruan Li-ying, who was then a little girl, and surrounded her in an artistic context.
Fruit of Hope is a series of works that express a particular thickness and profoundness. The artist has developed from a more realistic style to a more experimental one, with a dramatic change in color and composition from her earlier works. She now adopts a more monochromatic style and uses the same tones to express her ideas. She reflects real life experiences in her works, emphasizes what she feels and comprehends, and tries to present shapes and the texture of different objects. Ruan hopes to enhance the quality, quantity, and depth of the content, unite emotion and spirits, and create the most true-to-heart works while seeking new methods of expression using mixed media and mixed expressions of different textures.
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