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    Opening Hours:Tue.~Sun. 09:00~17:30
    Beginning with the long-existing “triangle rush weaving” and “Atayal tribal weaving” in Taichung, the Center has extended its efforts to a variety of refined weaving techniques in Taiwan, including: plaiting, knitting, knotting, dyeing, embroidery and the underlying cultural features. Also, comparisons with, and exploration of, other cultures in the Asia Pacific area have been conducted. Through a digitalization process, the development history of weaving craft, the processing of fiber materials, the evolution of weaving techniques and tools, and the design of woven patterns in different cultures can be better understood. In the future, the knowledge of creative material, design, color, techniques and space application will be further integrated to create the “fashion craft” that matches modern living space and lifestyle, making for an excellent green craft culture that features recyclable materials.

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